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Long-time no see

Hi There, It has been a long time that I’ve posted here, I’ve been busy and otherwise occupied. I’ll have a few posts planned and will try to get back to the fact of posting regularly. In short, I’m nearing to publishing my first app. Because my time is less occupied by the App, I’m […]

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WPF Wednesday

Hi There, In this series of articles, I plan to explore different interesting things that I have, had to, solve regarding WPF. I should tell you in forward, that some of them might not be the ideal solution because they will have some temporary problems as I’m doing the research at the same time. I […]

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Dear Reader, Welcome to the High Value Code blog. On this blog, I am going to review different aspects of producing high quality and high maintainability codes, as well as, related systems and ideas. The initial plan includes reviewing build systems, code correction proofing, ideas regarding structuring code and solving related problems. It also includes […]

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