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Observing Objects for Changes

When waiting for changes in the MVVM pattern, there are many ways to implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface on your own objects. For example, each of the next approaches has benefits and drawbacks: Manually implement the interface. This can be good for small projects, because you will have no dependencies on other libraries. On the other […]

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Creating Branches with Commands

In the previous article, Creating Composite Commands, we have seen a command composition pattern that is like a sequence. In this article, we are going to explore one resembling to branching. With the combination of the two, complex workflows can be described as reactions to user initiated actions. CanExecute The CanExecute method of this command […]

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Creating Composite Commands

In the previous week’s article, Why Should You use Commands in WPF Applications, we explored the benefits of using commands in the WPF applications. Now that we’ve seen how useful can this be, here is an interesting trick. You can think of a command as a function that is changing or processing an object in […]

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Creating Attached Properties

Attached Properties are a special kind of dependency properties. They are most likely used to specify some layout information that is containing information for the containing control, not the control that on which we set it. To demonstrate the usage of the attached properties, we are going to implement a simple layout control which has […]

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Read-only Dependency Properties

In the previous article, titled Dependency Properties, we explored how to create dependency properties for our class. In this article, we are going to explore how to create dependency properties that can only be updated in the defining class itself. As a result, these properties are read-only. The example for this article can be found […]

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Dependency Properties

In this article, we are going the explore how to create dependency properties. Dependency properties with a special property information that allows the WPF system to interact with them through the XAML code. They also need to be implemented in a specific way because of how WPF interacts with them. As an example, we are […]

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