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In this series of articles, I plan to explore different interesting things that I have, had to, solve regarding WPF. I should tell you in forward, that some of them might not be the ideal solution because they will have some temporary problems as I’m doing the research at the same time. I will try to always mention where I feel that the actual conclusion should not be a final solution. While these problems are from real life programming scenarios, they do not represent the whole set of problems regarding WPF. If you happen to have a problem, please leave a comment below, so that I can help you with that as soon as I reach a point where I can do a research and an article. If you have a smaller question, other readers or I might be able to instantly answer it. The name for the series comes from the fact that I plan to do this series on Wednesday. Depending on your time zone, you might though end up reading them on Tuesday, sorry for the inconvenience to see into the future.

To make you hungry for reading, here is a list of problems that I currently have on mind for this series. It is most likely to extend:

  • Control templating in XAML,
  • Problems when reusing XAML templates and how to solve them,
  • Creating new controls (components) from code,
  • Various aspects of dependency properties.

In the first article, next week, we will check how to easily customize a WPF control to totally change the look and feel of it. At the same time, we will dig into when and why you should and should not take this approach. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Share if you found this article useful or know somebody who would benefit reading about the above topics.

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