.NET MAUI Evaluation

Introduction In this article, I’m going to summarize my evaluation for .NET MAUI for use as frontend technology. This evaluation was done with Preview 14 and Release Candidate 1 versions. My apps have 95% of the code outside of the frontend project, with the frontend hooked up to events and commands. With an application designed […]

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Transparent Filtering

In my previous post, http://highvaluecode.com.au/what-can-you-do-if-observablecollection-is-limiting-you/, I’ve discussed the limitations of the ObservableCollection in the standard .NET platform and a possible solution for it. As mentioned in the article, there was a reason, why those limitations were hindering me, beside bad design practices. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the project that needed […]

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What can you do if ObservableCollection is limiting you?

The Problem or Puzzle A few weeks ago, as mentioned in this post http://highvaluecode.com.au/long-time-no-see/, I had to implement a filtering solution for an ObservableCollection. I will post about the solution itself, once I’ve published the code, but one part led me to an interesting problem. The solution for the filtering was basically two observable collections […]

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Long-time no see

Hi There, It has been a long time that I’ve posted here, I’ve been busy and otherwise occupied. I’ll have a few posts planned and will try to get back to the fact of posting regularly. In short, I’m nearing to publishing my first app. Because my time is less occupied by the App, I’m […]

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Setting up NAnt from source code on OSX

Why? While the MacPorts installation contains a NAnt package, that package is depending on the mono package that comes with MacPorts. The mono package from MacPorts is not able to build for the iOS architecture. The problem is that the source code is not compiling right of the shelf with the Xamarin version of the […]

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Creating ReSharper Extension Package for Distributing External Annotations

ReSharper Annotations ReSharper allows you to annotate the code for several conditions and it can validate your code against those annotations. These annotations are implemented in the .NET system as Attribute classes that you can attach to various items. For example, there is an annotation that represents that a value cannot be null any time. […]

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Observing Objects for Changes

When waiting for changes in the MVVM pattern, there are many ways to implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface on your own objects. For example, each of the next approaches has benefits and drawbacks: Manually implement the interface. This can be good for small projects, because you will have no dependencies on other libraries. On the other […]

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