Long-time no see

Hi There,

It has been a long time that I’ve posted here, I’ve been busy and otherwise occupied. I’ll have a few posts planned and will try to get back to the fact of posting regularly.

In short, I’m nearing to publishing my first app. Because my time is less occupied by the App, I’m looking for opportunities. I’ve been a bit too much involved in coding the basics of the app and want to release it in the wild, so that I can have feedback about it.

The first series, I have in mind is a two-article series. The other days, I had to fix a filtering algorithm and the same time I’ve run into a problem with ObservableCollection<T>. I had to do an implementation of the INotifyCollectionChanged interface.

In the first post of the series, I’ll discuss the implementation of the class I’ve developed to replace my ObservableCollection<T> objects.

The second and finishing post in this series, will discuss the solution I’ve developed for filtering the lists.

So, where am I now? With the ObservableCollection replacement, I’ve already published the package to NuGet, I am just behind with writing the article. With the second part of the series, I have the code developed, but I will have to do some additional work on getting it into a publishable NuGet package.

Stay tuned,



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